Is Covid-19 God’s Judgment?

Is Covid-19 God's Judgment??

"Hypocrite in judgment.” These are the words I saw in a vision this morning as it relates to the Covid-19 plague. Some people, including some Christians, have concluded that God sent the plague to punish our sins.

A hypocrite is someone that says one thing but believes or does the opposite. As I pondered on what a “hypocrite in judgment” could possibly mean, the Lord reminded me of a story someone recently told me. She said her friend had been witnessing to a young man about God’s goodness and invited him to salvation. The young man then responded to her friend’s invitation that if God is so good why would he send this plague to kill all these people and she had no answer because she believed God sent the plague. The man then told her friend that he did not want anything to do with a God like that and walked away.

How can we say God is good, but yet in our heart, we believe he sent a plague to kill people, as punishment for their sins? That is what the Lord is calling "hypocrite in judgment." It is a hypocritical conclusion about God that contradicts the good God that we say he is and that he truly is.

As a renunciation of this hypocritical view, I heard the Lord say, “it is important that we understand sin in the context of a loving God.”


If we understood the spiritual laws of the Kingdom of God and how they worked in relation to sin, we would not go around blaming a loving God for the evils in this world. There are two main laws that govern the spiritual world. The law of sin and death and the law of the Spirit of life (Romans 8:2). Which law we activate is a choice that only man can make. If we activate the law of sin and death through unrepented sins, then a door is opened for the enemy to steal kill and destroy (John 10:10a). If we activate the law of the Spirit of life through obedience to God's word, then a door is opened to access the abundant life that God promised us (John 10:10b).

We cannot activate the law of sin and death and then blame God for the consequences. The consequences are a natural result of the law that was activated. For example, if a man activates the law of gravity by jumping off a tall building and expects to fly, the law of gravity will pull him to the ground, and hurt him tremendously. Can that man now blame God for his injuries by saying why did God do this to me? No. That person’s injuries were the natural consequences of the law of gravity that he activated, by jumping off the building.

In the same way, this Covid-19 plague is a result of the law of sin and death that man activated in this land.

God is absolutely a loving God. But wait a minute, what about the Old Testament God? I will discuss that in another article soon to come and how to reconcile the Old Testament with the New Testament without losing sight of the truth. At this time however, please know that God grieves for us concerning this plague. He does not want to see one more person killed by this plague. That is why God keeps urging us as a nation to repent—not because he is chastising us, but because he is trying to save us. It is the same urgency you would tell someone when you see a swarm of bees coming in their house through their open door and you yell, “close the door!” That is essentially what God is saying when he urges us to repent—close the door that the enemy is using to come in and harm you.

God is urging us to repent because God knows that repentance will deactivate the law of sin and death that was activated in this nation and close the door to this plague.

Through repentance, we also activate the law of forgiveness (1 John 1:9) and open the door to God's blessings in our lives.  While sin opens a door and gives the enemy access to steal, kill and destroy our lives, repentance closes that door and opens the right door in our lives. That right door is the door to God's blessings of abundant life that sin had shut up from us.

This Covid-19 plague is not the work of God but the work of evil. Let us repent as a nation, so we can close those doors and receive God's healing for our land (2 Chronicles 7:14). Let us stop blaming God for things we do not understand and especially for things that are evil because he is a loving God. Let us stop being hypocrites in judgment.

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